The Kingslander


22 June 2024


470 New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


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Aucklanders & visitors attending Eden Park events are known to frequent the Kingslander, which is a prominent game day hangout place.

It’s the perfect meeting place for a gathering before a game, where you can meet for a meal and a beer & host commiseration or celebrations parties once the game is done, with DJs and bands playing late into the night. The Kingslander happens to be a local pub, located in Kingsland. Here, you can watch every kind of television sports event, screened on their six widescreen TVs and three giant projector screens, shoot some darts or go for a pool game, or enjoy the Auckland music scene’s finest live talent.

Head upstairs and reach Nectar, an awesome multipurpose bar, that has a rooftop garden as well. Many Aucklanders come to this bar for celebrating their 21st, or 30th anniversary along with their mates. This heritage building had originally been the local forage & grain store, providing animal feed for horses, which was the city’s transport system back then. It later became a well-renowned engineering workshop. In 2004, current owners Gary Braid and Steve Gillett came down here, saw that it had great potential as a stunning hospitality venue and the rest is history!